Wrath of the Titans (2012) – Trailer

A decade after his heroic defeat of the monstrous Kraken, Perseus (Sam Worthington)-the demigod son of Zeus (Liam Neeson)-is attempting to live quietly as a village fisherman and the sole parent to his 10-year-old son, Helius. But unbeknownst to Perseus, a struggle for supremacy has been raging between the gods that will come to threaten his idyllic life. The gods are losing control over the imprisoned Titans and their ferocious leader, Kronos, father of the long-ruling brothers Zeus, Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Poseidon (Danny Huston). The triumvirate had overthrown their powerful father long ago, leaving him to rot in the gloomy abyss of Tartarus, a dungeon that lies deep within the cavernous Underworld. Now, Perseus cannot ignore his true calling as Hades, along with Zeus’ godly son, Ares (Edgar Ramirez), switches loyalties and makes a deal with Kronos to capture Zeus. The Titan’s strength grows as Zeus’ remaining godly powers are siphoned…and hell is unleashed on earth. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of fantasy violence and action. © 2012 COTT PRODUCTIONS LLC and FURIA DE TITANES II, A.I.E. #Trailer #WB

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9 thoughts on “Wrath of the Titans (2012) – Trailer

  1. Worst part about the movie is they didn’t bring back Gemma Arterton as the love interest. Wasted the whole previous movie on character development for nothing.

  2. The real question is could you compare this movie to the gladiator, troy, the last samurai, king arthur, kingdom of heaven, braveheart, patriot, the last of the mohicans, dances with wolves??

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