Windows XP : Troubleshooting Windows XP Drivers

If an individual is having trouble with one of her Windows XP drivers, the first thing to do is to go to the “Device Manager.” Find out how to get to the “Device Manager” by going through “My Computer” and “Manage” options with help from the executive producer of a video production company in this free video on Windows XP drivers.

Expert: Michael Burton
Bio: Michael Burton has over 12 years of experience with PC computers.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton


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8 thoughts on “Windows XP : Troubleshooting Windows XP Drivers

  1. How can I install the ethernet controller driver when my pc does not connect to the internet
    (And I can not find the driver on the internet from another device)
    Tried alot,But none of them worked…

  2. havin a prob new on installing xp how can i install the lan driver w/out an internet i want to install lan driver so i can easily install other drivers that are missing using internet i appreciate your answer thank you

  3. i need help.i have bought a elektronic device,installed the software,but my computer doesn't recognize the driver,i have it on a CD,but it say's the wizard hasn't found any drivers:?help:???? :)))

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