Windows 10 – You don't have permission to save in this location; Office Read-Only Issue; Word, Excel

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Windows 10 – You don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact the Administrator to obtain permission.

Office Read-Only; Word Read-Only; Excel Read-Only

Cannot save to Documents

Cannot save documents.


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30 thoughts on “Windows 10 – You don't have permission to save in this location; Office Read-Only Issue; Word, Excel

  1. Running Windows 10. Doesn't work anything like the explanation. My name is ALONGSIDE PC not INSIDE the PC folder? Right Clicking on my name doesn't give me the option to look at Properties. It's not even ON the sub menu! Right at the bottom where Properties should be, is Delete! How did this even happen? Was fine last night, came to do some work on a file this morning and i'm confronted with this BS! Think that there was a Windows Update. Bring back Windows 7!!!

  2. Well I guess this won't work for me since I have a boot drive and a data drive. The system files are located on both, but they are not being used as boot files on the data drive.

  3. Thank GOD for your YouTube channel. I have been having issues saving my own documents for some time now and thought the problem was with MS Word so downloaded Open Office and then was extremely concerned that I still could not save pre-existing and new documents. So that caused me to do a google search for help. Your video was the 2nd one found but the one that actually worked to fix this problem. I have subscribed to your channel as a result and am so thankful that I did not have to pay money to my local computer shop for an issue like this. This has REALLY helped me as I'm on a very fixed budget. Thank YOU so much for sharing this insight. I look forward to learning more from your channel. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Oh Jeezus..Dude I was stressed when I got here..3 minutes in and I want to tear my hair out. Is there an explanation that is a little more clear without so much blah blah blah? I feel you made it harder than it should be. Maybe I should just hurl this pc through the front window of Microsoft. (This is just a musing..not an actual real plan is to run it over with my car)

  5. This is worse than reliving the Vista nightmare. What a fking piece of shyt this OS is. My new PC has been nothing but a headache. Fed up!!

  6. I can't download files from sites on chrome onto my computer, it says "insufficient permissions"…
    Can you please help…

  7. For fuck sake, I'm still getting the error. How tf can I not even have access to my own fucking PC I bought!? A way to fix? smh

  8. When I press "properties" at 02:35 part I only get a window which has "general", "Sharing" and "Customise" where to choose from. I don''t have "Security" option. How do I get that to show up?

  9. ITS NOT A BUG! ITS A SECURITY MEASURE… which might be to hard to understand for you morons! Because you all are selfdeclared Microsoft specialists but I ask you any other OS that allows saving user data on the C: or ANY OTHER ROOT FOLDER?!
    The fact that this guy even calls himself "Windows 10 GURU" but manually fucks up all security settings and even asks money via Paypal from it… that just blows my mind.

  10. unfortunately this did not work. Still getting the "You don't have permission to save to this location…" message. It's mind-blowingly ridiculous that this is an issue and completely frustrating Microsoft has this problem. Didn't thumbs down your video – as it was well done, just didn't work in my case.

  11. It says I don't have permission to do change ownership of certain containers at the last step. Anyone else? This is why I prefer Linux over Windows, however I need this OS for school….

  12. By default, each user's folder is only accessible by the user. If you grant Everyone Full permission to your user folder, whoever logs onto the computer will be able to modify your user folder and that can cause you major headaches down the road. But if you're sure that you will be the ONLY person using the computer EVER, that that's not so much of an issue, unless someone is able to hack into it from outside.

  13. None of these fixes solved my problem of not being able to save files on my D drive for an ASUS ROG laptop. Microsoft tech help had me change users/administrators, formatted D drive, ran some tool to supposedly fix Windows 10 install. None of it helped. Unfortunately, I will never buy another ASUS. Sad because it seemed like a superior physical design and more durable than the plastic MSI I will now have to replace it with. Very VERY disappointing.

  14. I have an issue that Whenever I want to save game they game says : ERROR UNABLE TO SAVE GAME!!! Does this video solve my problem ?

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