21 thoughts on “What is the difference between: iPhone X 64gb vs 256gb

  1. Something apple doesn’t want you to know but it’s true the 256gb model has a faster read and write speed over the 64gb. You may not notice the difference in day to day use but there will be about 5% performance difference in benchmarks

  2. I have 64gb I phone 10.is it enough for me?normally i take good picture .I use only Facebook ,whtasapp, Skype ,messenger between social networks

  3. If you get the 64g and run out of storage you can buy extra storage on iCloud for .99 cents you can get 50G more there’s different storage plans that aren’t expensive

  4. The 256 GB has faster read/write capabilities. This is a fact which has been proven by testing and admitted by Apple.
    Are you truly that fucking ignorant to not fact check WTF you’re spewing?
    256 Write Speed 539 mbps
    Read Speed 1200mbpd

    64 Write Speed 231mbps
    Read 580mbps
    Apple has been doing this since the second generation iPad.

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