48 thoughts on “[Vietsub] Running Man – Lunar New Year Special + Ep 29 Preview

  1. đoạn đầu jong kook nhìn có vẻ muốn đỡ ji hyo dậy còn gary chỉ biết đứng cười, chẳng biết là gary có tình cảm thật hay chỉ muốn tạo thành couple để có nhiều t/g lên sóng

  2. Just think carefully before you want to say something.
    By the way, I can't understand well your English.
    Study more if you don't want to be laughed.

  3. what is the title of the song that been singing by haha, kookie and gary in this video?? it is such a good song. wanna search for it

  4. Oh I'm not a monkey =)) I have brain, and always think carefully before saying ^^
    I said that because Feb 3, 2011 was the first day of the LUNAR calendar in Korea.

  5. Ep 28 aired on Jan 30, 2011.
    Ep 29 aired on Feb 6, 2011.
    This special ep aired on Feb 3, 2011.
    Think carefully before comment, **** you!

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