URF Legends Anubis

All NEW Anubis is here!

Representing the oil rich kingdoms of the Middle East, the Royal families spared no expense in creating Anubis as one of the most powerful arena combat robots to walk the Earth.

He is Royal and Regal, but also very LETHAL!


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His Special Moves are a dream for the owner and a nightmare for the opponent!

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15 thoughts on “URF Legends Anubis

  1. Hmmmm, this is kinda familiar to me… Oh wait! It's because Anubis' parts are Bio War's platinum parts from Real Steel Champions! What the heck?!

  2. guess everyone,  what does anubis's weapon is? I know that robot but I don't own him. Imagine that looks like beerus from dragon ball Z gods

  3. WOW DELICIOUS!!! Whats that anubis fight with orsois?

    Even orsois is more stronger than anubis
    was there anubis wons? Or orsois' s wons?

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