30 thoughts on “Unboxing: Apple iPhone 7 (Rose Gold 128GB Unlocked)

  1. nice!!! did you get the SEF update for your accord and is iphone 7 compatible with the accord infotainment system?

  2. I watch your videos literally just for your impulse buy shenanigans. But what made you pick this over the Pixel? Just expected to not like it as much as the 7?

  3. Nice phone but fuck apple for taking the headphone jack. It's not like you get glorious battery life in return, just a thinner phone. Oh well 🙁

  4. inb4 you get another one after you sell it and get some sort of android phone what you end up selling and getting another 7.. soon to sell and make a rant video, go through a couple more phones later to get a 7s
    n0 h8 m8, just a quick summery of the book 'Dell0304, The history of mobile telecommunication devices'

  5. I have an iPhone 7 matte black, since launch day, love the fricken thing, there are a couple of issues

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