Tokyo and Kyoto Travel Vlog 2019 (Part 2)

TOKYO AND KYOTO TRAVEL VLOG 2019 (PART 2) | Join me in part 2 of my Japan travel vlog, where I go to Kyoto, the famous bamboo forest, matcha cafe, moss garden temple, a capsule hotel, and more!


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Music by Prod. Riddiman


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21 thoughts on “Tokyo and Kyoto Travel Vlog 2019 (Part 2)

  1. This is part 2 of my travel vlog! Next week I'll go back to my usual topics. 🥰 What did you enjoy the most about the travel vlogs?

  2. Such a pleasant and calming video to watch! I can do it all day long! Thank you very much for posted and shared with us 🙏🏻😌 🇯🇵❤️

  3. I'll bet your cat was soooo happy to see you again! I'm sorry, though, that you couldn't travel more and maybe make a reservation for the museum.

  4. I find it fascinating that Japan goes from those most amazing of tranquil zen green lush gardens that even on film feel more calm than anything I've been in to those claustrophobic clinical sleeping pods. I know tots the difference between space and city but it's so opposite.

  5. Thank you for showing two beautiful vlogs. I personally appreciate the fact that you took time to film and edit them and then share them with me. I really enjoyed seeing your perspective, the things that caught your eye. I'm happy that you were able to visit with your family, as well. I am also happy that you shared what Boru was doing while you were gone! I admit, I wondered about her! (Just because I'm a cat lady, too!)

  6. Hi Youjung, loved the moss and the bamboo wood, the bamboo shop, the way you take your time to get some rest in between… Did they have bamboo wool in the shop? I love knitting and crocheting with a cotton/bamboo mixture for family kids. I tried to imagine how I’d have felt in the capsule hotel…my size is a bit different… thank you for sharing, love, Monika❣️

  7. My Grandmother had a beautiful moss garden. I'll always remember the wonderful green smell of it and this brought back those memories. Thank you x

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