The Vietnam Food vlog ft. The BEST Bánh Mì in Hoi An

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Hello! I hope you have some food ready because you’ll want to eat with us on this episode.
We visit the Marble mountains, Hoi An and try out their delicious Vietnamese foods.

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Let us know which country you’ll like us to visit next!

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21 thoughts on “The Vietnam Food vlog ft. The BEST Bánh Mì in Hoi An

  1. How come you guys never feed the stray dogs? When I go to poor countries and see a stray, I always feed them some of my meat and they follow me everywhere after. They can be a bit aggressive at first and might even bite you but after you give them some meat, they love you for life.

  2. why do they have to let the shrimp with the shell inside the bahn xeo… this kind of disgust me , thats why i did'nt like this dish when i traveled there. if i can put my grain of salt, My favorite vietnamese dish is bun tit nuong !

  3. Does anyone know why dalena doesn't eat pork? I've noticed that in several videos. I wondered if it was just her preference or whether it was for religious purposes? Thanks peeps.

  4. You look amazing😍😍 i also love watching video about food. I cooked some Korean food in my channel too!! Please come watch mine🤗🤗🤗

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