Tevo TARANTULA PRO (3D Printer) – First Prints & Review

Hi guys,

recently we published the unboxing and assembly videos of the new Tarantula Pro from Tevo.
So, after those videos, many of you asked for our opinion and review of this printer.
It’s a bit early to give a final review since we have more tests and prints to do.
However, we decided to make this initial review video and show you guys some of the prints we made so far.
All the test prints are made with PLA filament.

If you missed the unboxing or the assembly video, check the links below:



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STLs used in this video:

Remy Ratatouille

Fluffy The Unicorn

Spiral Vase


Bruce the Shark

Pearl the Octopus

You can buy this printer here:

(For banggood, use the following link and enter this special discount code on checkout: BGTarantula )

and here:

and here:

and here:

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Other parts that can be used with the Tevo Tarantula PRO:

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24 thoughts on “Tevo TARANTULA PRO (3D Printer) – First Prints & Review

  1. Hi! I bought it recently and after many troubles with the seller and resending some missing parts I finally assembled my first printed. I just have a huge problem, all my prints either start as the filament starts to stick on the nozzle almost immediately… or it starts to make fist layer which bends and then cools down and hardens and in few seconds the nozzle just pops it loose and I can stop the printing immediately. Please help 🙁 I am desperate and not far from crying

  2. Can we please get a comparison video between the Tarantula Pro and the Ender 3? They seem to be the top two printers in the price range but I can’t find a comparison anywhere.

  3. Hi, i have and issue my tarantula pro print a few times nicely and then X homing start to fail and i'm getting printer halted warning because homing it's failing before any print idk why it print Nice like for 3 days

  4. It seems that there is still a fair amount of ghosting on this machine, particularly on the Y-axis. It was certainly noticeable in the videos, at least.

  5. Hello, sorry if they question is not about the video, What software do You use to transfor the stl files yo gcodes and what's settings do you use ?

  6. I plan on day one giving this a shot with the TMC drivers I bought. Anyone know other than adding a fan what changes will be needed?

  7. Little bit offtopic: I read that PTFE fumes are really dangerous for parrots (many posts from pet owners which killed their parrots by using PTFE coated pan) I have bore heatbreak should I use my printer only outside or do you think its is safe? I have seen that you have budgie on fb profile pic so I'm asking you.

  8. Thanks a lot for the video ! One quick question: why is the heatbreak with a PTFE liner worse than the option where the PTFE tube goes all the way down ? I had to change the hot end on my Nereus and I have to say now with a linered heat break I don't have to struggle with the bowden tube any more. Thanks !

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