47 thoughts on “t-test in Microsoft Excel

  1. I hope you all find this video useful! If you have any questions, please do drop me an email. And if the video has REALLY helped and you want to buy me a beer, please see https://www.paypal.me/JimGrange

  2. Very informative in 5 minutes.. i studied this in my doctorate degree for a year in my statistics subject,-yet headache came on my way 😂

    So in 5 minutes, i learned this the easiest way😂

  3. Which test can be used if we have PH ranges from 2-6 used for citric acid production and we need to findout if its statistically significant or not?

  4. Since you're looking at a 1-tail t-test, wouldn't your target p-value be 2.5? In either case, your conditions would be statistically different, but a p-value of 5 refers to 6-sigma testing. A 1-tail t-test is only interested in a single direction, therefore 3-sigma from the mean.

  5. Excellent! My question, once I have a p-value (result of the t-test) what is the next calculation to determine whether improvement has occurred between two groups of data?

  6. Really clear instruction. Thanks for taking the time to do this tutorial for us. There are many, many statisticians who seem to enjoy making the subject inaccessible. Whoever put the help together for MS Excel is a sadist.

  7. The formula "=T(value)" is use to check whether a value is……
    a) Text b) Number c)True.
    Please answer me.

  8. Hi, I need to do a two tailed, un-matched t-test in excel, which option is that in the excel menu? Are you able to help me please?

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