19 thoughts on “Steins;Gate Review

  1. If you are not into sci-fi of course you are going to think the scientific parts are boring, personally I enjoyed even reading the extra info on the tip list

  2. I was having a hard time deciding between this game and Shiren The Wanderer. The review made me decide for the latter. I understand this game is actually good, but in times when Vita games are getting more and more expensive, I think Shiren offers the best bang for my buck.

  3. The boring lecture about time travel… is, so far, the only part of the game that has lived up to the expectation I had for it. I thought it would be about time travel. Instead it seems to be about pure nonsense.

  4. The ; universe is quite odd. Firstly, the people who can turn delusions into reality don't quite fit in. The rest I know mostly fits. The entire universe seems to run on electrical pulses, allowing the non physical human to do many things, such as exist on a different frequency, travel through time, travel time lines, and….. create things?? (the explanation changes, but it's based around the idea that if you believe it exists, it does)
    The ; universes hurts my head. I wish for a simple time, when I didn't know about the shared universe. And one last thing, the government has strange religious groups with to much time and money. So far they made a "time machine", a device to keep you alive after death, and a device that can alter reality itself.

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