37 thoughts on “StarCraft Cheat Codes

  1. i love you ^^ finaly i can play my story missions in sc 1 without a problem… because i play with scouting everything and im a slow in reactions

  2. Need this because one protoss level is fucking dumb. No matter what i do the zerg run my ass over like a truck hitting an ugly ass prostitute that was smoking crack and had an abortion.

  3. black sheep wall lets you view the entire map up to date, while the fog war makes it to where you can view the whole map, but it's just a gray picture. not up to date.

  4. anybody has the cheat walkthrough for N64starcraf? i have them almost all, im missing the one they give in the mission The amerigo.

    i know how to get it, but when i do it, nothing happens…

    note: in N64 starcraft u get cheats too, but instead of codes, u have to go through diferent like mini missinos arround the story chapters to get em.
    for example u have to find some special chacter arround the map or a starge item hidden somewere and complete last missions of SC and Brood War… its fun

  5. @CyberIce2000 also, maybe blizzard wanted to make cheats fo people who dont really like cheating, so they would feel better about them selves.

  6. @UberGeek777 I'm not saying you FAIL. What I'm saying is why would Blizzard give us two cheats that will give you 500 minerals or 500 gas when you can use another one that can give you 10,000 each. Get it?

  7. @CyberIce2000 I don't making vids for the best cheats. I make my vids to show all the cheats. Some people dont like to cheat so much that the game is no longer fun, i give them variety.

  8. Who would want to use whats mine is mine and breathe deep cheats and get 500 minerals or gas when they can just use show me the money and get 10,000 minerals and gas all at the same time? LOL Fail!

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