33 thoughts on “Starcraft Brood War Super Units Mod

  1. you're pretty childish. You spend so much wasted time on irrelevant nonsense. 24 minutes to show 3 units. Come on. Also, it's not about beating the shit out of helpless AI… this video is about showing units to human beings. You clearly have your priorities backwards.

    The cringiest part is when you need a fucking calculator to do 16*9. Seriously, are you a child?

  2. >showing off a new unit
    >makes a huge group of said unit and stacks it to make sure we don't fucking see anything

    4:20 Blizzard didn't make units that detailed because of the sprite limit.
    14:40 The Siege Destroyer looks astronomically stupid.
    19:05 The Mothership is just a straight up rip from SCII by using a specific viewpoint and then taking a lot of screenshots.

    I am not impressed. The only thing I liked with this was the part of turning your Hive into the Overmind.

  4. Not dark swarm combined with plague. But with Irridiate. Hence the green colour of the clouds and the 0 effect on structures.

  5. All those ´´new abilitys´´ are just SC alpha and beta abilities given to him. Canibalize was ulralisks, had same portrait, but was called devour. The one with the bubbles was the Defilers attack (Venom) And corrosive venom was the original portrait for the queens glave wurm
    ere stuff for def and queen too

  6. this guy is beyond stupid. this video was uploaded in 2012 and he doesn't know mothership from sc2 wtf..
    and that zerg unit is rock worm model from diablo 2. learn before you post videos fool.

  7. I seriously want to see a match of two professional players using these special units. though it will be unbalanced or they wouldn't use them most likely at all.

  8. It would be much better to upgrade Battle cruiser with siege mode tank. Adding consume ability to queen or air-to-air attack for guardian is just enough to make zerg totally imbalanced.

  9. Damn … i receive this error : the server closed the connection without sending any data. Can someone help me please ?

  10. Mothership is the weakest unit we got in this addon.

    Each interceptor only have 6+3 damage, if they attack carrier (which have 4+3 armor), each interceptor only do 2 damage, 16 of them = 32 damage. That's not to mention that Carrier-attack-style unit is probably the worst kind of unit you want to max. Its ability is also one of the worst, warp may be useful for a surprise attack but in a head on assault, other super units have better abilities to back up their army.

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