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  1. ONE MIGHT ADD! Entering the correct credential for the network resource at the Credentail Manager might also eleviate the red X incorrect login message from network explorer on windows if deleting the incorrect one does not. This just worked for me when hosting a SSD over an Asus Network sambia device thing. Now it appears as its own Computer on the network page on my Windows OS.

  2. Also worth noting most times when trying to setup local file sharing, you each device needs to have a password setup for the local user. The easiest way to do that is through the traditional control panel, not the new settings app

  3. I have this problem every since upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro, not being able to log onto the NAS (media attached to Linksys WRT3200ACM router.)
    My Windows 10 Home laptop can do it. And I can access it through Ubuntu LINUX running in a VM under Windows 10 Pro, but if I attempt it in Windows 10 Pro, I get that error, plus The remote procedure call failed. RPC Endpoint Mapper is running in Services.
    Microsoft hasn't been able to solve this in 4 months. I've been sneakernetting my files to the NAS for four months. But you'd think that in 2019, on the latest O/S, that simple networking would, well, just work!

  4. I arrived to the similar solution after many hours of troubleshooting.
    Windows 10 Enterprise, here. Version 1803, OS Build 17134.556
    Used to work before, stopped after Windows update.
    Windows 10 Error code: 0x80070035 "The network path was not found"
    On your computer open the "Control Panel" -> "Credentials Manager" -> "Windows Credentials" and create new Windows credential (or edit existing) for the computerNAS where your share is. Use the credentials of a user on that computerNAS who has the admins permissions on the share…
    VOILA, it works!

  5. Having this problem right now with Windows 10 Pro accessing a non-password protected NAS drive. So far, had to enable support for SMB1 just to be allowed to TRY to access the NAS, but now this. There is no password on the drive as it's a DLNA server and things like BD players and setop boxes need to access it, so I am confused as to the error's cause.
    My Windows 10 Home laptop can access this NAS, as can my Windows 7 Pro machines.

  6. I get this message before even accessing the network as soon as I try to click "entire network" on windows server 2003.

    Any ideas? I tried all the work around on the fist page of google and none worked. This happen after having to reinstall the OS.

    The odd thing is I can see the PC from another PC on the network but on the actual PC I al trying to use it has this error before I even view the network, therefore I never even get to see any of the other PC including myself on the network.

  7. Thank you. It works.
    Besides deleting credential, I find that turning on TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service into automation may also help to solve the problem.

  8. I tried this and later found that for Windows 10, I need to do 1 more step. Below are the complete 2 steps

    Step 1 : Remove the authenticated credentials from Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsUser Accounts

    Click the username, to the left you will see Manage your credentials. From that select the share name and remove. Click Yes.

    Step 2 : Go to Start > Run > cmd > net use * /DELETE

  9. I did the same and it worked, but now I can't access some software in my PC. Can someone please tell me how to fix this new problem?

  10. I have an different way… just log out from Hotmail account and login with Local User Account …. this will unlock all the network servers or computers ………….. h a v e a f u n !!!!

  11. I bumbed around and figured out how to add credentials to a Windows computer because it wasn't showing up on the list where my other 2 PCs were. This video help… thanks!

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