12 thoughts on “SMITHING JUZUMARU | Touken Ranbu

  1. Ehh, all 100 could work? I've been doing all 900 for a few weeks and it was all 1h30 so I'm kind of crying rn

  2. I will pray to RPGesus for Juzumaru to return to your citadel (I myself can't play TouRan because of bloody language barriers, so I just take to praying for other players to get their desired swords)

  3. i need help tokens, but they hate me. i only have(had) the drunkyard, but i scrapped him, cuz i didnt like him. i do have nagasone, but ura wont come home. after farming for days… i give up. i have hori- chan and hotaru, so ill make them happy. ill create them a happy life. ill be their mom, and i wont reget it. Ill let them to marry who they love. Hori-chan is going to marry Kane-san and Hotaru is going to be Akashi's wife. And their kid is going to be Aizen.
    Well, bye juzu, lets meet in a world, where your drop precent isnt 0,01%

  4. No Juzu for me. However, I did get Hige from the KBC, and a Yamato from Kancolle. I'm one happy fan.

    (Edit) And now an Akashi in TKRB! X3

  5. pats I used 950, 450 and 100 in hope to get either Nagasone or Urashima (Might as well try getting Juzumaru) but so far…I don't even get my hand on Urashima, meanwhile Juzumaru is a myth. 🙁

  6. there there.. i already tried 300 times. even spent 5050dmm points for in game stuffs but my luck still fails me. but im not gonna give up until the campaign ends. good luck for the both of us ;; u ;;)b

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