33 thoughts on “SingSing Carry DPS Mirana – Kaipi vs Danish Bears Dota 2

  1. hola chicos like and suscriber -tengo diseños en mi Fanpage. realizo speed paint de videojuegos
    ayudenme a crecer si mi talento vale 🙂

  2. 0:20 земля ходил рядом, хотя мог дать сало на баланара и минибаш по обоим, но ЛУЧШЕ ЖЕ ПОДОЖДАТЬ ПОКА МИРАНА УМРЕТ

  3. Is it just me that wonders this: Do pro players have alter egos for when they're playing professional games or do they still act (obviously they try harder) like their normal selves i.e Sing Sing or Bulldog.

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