22 thoughts on “Shield RMS Red Dot Review

  1. Damn! This started out looking like a prospective purchase, by the time you finished, HELL NO! ……Thanks for saving me cash.

  2. Man I l looked this up after seeing grey ghost made a slide for the glock 43 cut for this piece of crap. Glad I looked up this review before ordering either the slide or sight.

  3. So glad I went with the RMR, the glass quality needs to be better like you said other budget optics are able to give us as customers better glass. The Brits need to take this one back to the board.

  4. Surprising they don't have pre-cut glass screen protectors as an option (like the glass protectors you can get for your phone). They're "harder" than the polymer so resist the scuffs and scratches, and if it does happen to crack you just replace it.

    The newer models (RMSw) have a hard coating on the polymer lens, but that was mentioned back in…. what SHOT 2018? They keep getting delayed and pushed back, I think they're shipping limited quantities but it may still be a while until we seem them more widespread available…

  5. These are junk for the price point. Why would anyone bother with all the limitations when for the same money you could have an RMR Rm01. For a bit more you could have an RM06 or 07. just dumb.

  6. I kept waiting for the reason that would make this an option that someone want this optic. I never heard it. What a waste of time for you and the viewers.

  7. Liked. Honest question though for everyone… how often have you dropped your pistol in real life? Im thinking most people have NEVER dropped their pistol. even on duty. that would be pretty irresponsible.

  8. Wish I saw this a year ago before I bought 2. I like them and I have used them to work the slide but, that was after the lenses were scratched.

  9. Thanks for the honest review, John. Too bad it didn't live up to some of the internet hype.

    Have you looked at the Noblex-Docter M.O.S. sight? Any chance you could get one for a review?


  10. The j- point does a great job with adjusting the brightness level when using a weapon light, It works way better than my auto rmr. Durability could be a issue but for everyday carry should be fine, were not in tactical situations all the time, I've been running the j-point for 2 years with around 2000 rounds still going fine. I carry it everyday. Was hoping the shield would be a upgrade from the j- point.

  11. Jon thanks for doing the video.
    That being said, it sounds like your reviewing an Amazon.com special that costs as much as the gold standard of MRDsights.
    Still being able to use factory sights is a nice feature, but I can pick up a Burris or a Vortex and save enough money to replace the iron sights and have a red dot that will actually have a warranty.
    Not trying to bash your review, just hoping the manufacturer does a serious reevaluation of their product.

  12. Not waterproof. Soft lenses. Weak construction. No adjustability of the dot brightness. This thing has it all. I’ll either buy one of these or duct tape a used toilet paper roll to the top of the slide.

  13. I was curious about this optic but polymer lens damaged by ejecting cases? Not covered under warranty? Not water proof? Not drop proof? No adjustable brightness? Not interested anymore.. Thanks for the review.

  14. That sounds like a real turd! I live in Florida it's a hundred degrees and almost 100% relative humidity year round that thing wouldn't last two months. I also saw that reviewed by a couple of other people and they had issues just like you did. I have to agree with the other commenter That's Just Junk. That thing is made in England if I remember correctly and it's supposed to be used by the England Special Forces. Somehow I don't see the Special Air Service using something that low-quality.

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