41 thoughts on “Sevtech Ages Ep1 New Beginnings

  1. This mod pack I started playing a week ago. Problem is I need to find a village. With no access to even putting a waypoint down where you start building your base so you can run off to lose your way to find a villager farm as you have no minimap access, I kinda gave it up. I even went into creative mode flew around for ages and still no villagers which you need to trade for farmland and other stuff to advance the age. At the least they need to allow you to put a way point either to spawn or your starter base. Otherwise, you just get lost as there are massive mountains, flowers and trees in the way to make you lose your direction.

  2. "you can tell he's like 'ahI no sumnthing diredoesn. I'm gonna do all the things right now!'. That's literally what just happened" +1 confirm. Stop rushing so much before we get a pahifail because you overlook a pitfall, Pahimar!
    like, seriously, you're not just leaving Dire in the dust. You're leaving viewers like me (I'm sure I'm not the only one new to this pack's progression tree) as well.

  3. I notice you only drop unfamiliar items if you try to put them in your hand. Were it not for the fact you ended up with some rice seeds, I would say that oversight on your part cost you having to explore some more if you want rice in the future…
    and like TheDarkPreacher said, read the tooltips. I know reading isn't really your thing (you've always been more of a spontaneous "trial and error" kind of player, and this is coming from someone that's known you since your spotlight of Thaumcraft 1), but it will save you a lot of time if you pay attention to that stuff.

  4. Can you please do a let's play without fucking Pahimar? At least one of the interesting packs aside from Skyblock and your own? He's such a whiny, beta-bi*** that complains about anything… doesn't contribute anything (aside from manual labor)… and has a skin thinner than a lamb-skin condom

  5. Oh, I was watching the yogscast and cap sparklez play this pack and didn't realize direwolf was doing it too.
    Yay for someone with a brain making episodes of this. Probably.

  6. Why is the text IN COMIC SANS adgtjubgtfdcolksryjfxghjnzaetdgfbzdf

    EDIT: Why are tooltip things different? They look new and cool in my opinion.

  7. Pahimar was super annoying in this not gonna lie… i was trying to learn from this too but he juts complicated stuff a ton

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