32 thoughts on “Running Man Funny at Ryu Hyun Jin Wedding, Song Ji Hyo And Kim Jong Kook Stick Together

  1. only LKS JSJ and YJS on the first photo session, so can we begin our delusional mind that KJK and SJH come together ? LOL

  2. เมื่อไหร่ถึงคิวจงกุ๊กแต่งงานน้าเจ้าสาวคงหวานไม่เปรี้ยว

  3. ขาดใครไปเอ่ยคนที่คิดถึงเสมอ

  4. Not trying to offend but u can see how early in the video, the different btwn gwangsoo and jaesuk personality compared to sukjin.. Sukjin never bow even once. Hmmm 🙁

  5. for me running man feels not complete without Kang Garry… i love to watch the running man episode but only those episode that garry is included.

  6. Kim jong kook singing, speaking in english and talking in korea all these three thing in different tone hahahahahahaha

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