Rollo Printer Review – From The Perspective of an Amazon FBA Seller

As Amazon sellers, we use a TON of labels and Ink to go along with it!

From the beginning of my selling career, I have used a thermal (DYMO) for printing my FNKSU labels. But, I’ve still used my Laser printer for the shipping labels.

Over the last 6 months or so I have been wanting to try the Rollo Printer because they’ve basically been stalking me on Facebook.

So, I decided to pull the trigger and give it a go.

The big appeal to me was the fact that the printer would do BOTH the FNSKU labels AND the Shipping labels.

Since I use the extension Label Resizer I am also able to print the expiration dates right on my FNSKU labels! Game changer, right?!

In this video I show you the pros/cons of the Rollo Printer and how fast it is compared to a DYMO printer.

Stats: I printed 10 FNSKU labels on both the Rollo Printer and the Dymo Printer.

Roll = 4 seconds
Dymo = 20 seconds


Links –

Rollo Printer –
Dymo Printer –
3×1 Labels used in the Rollo –
1×3 Labels used in the Dymo –
4×6 Shipping labels used in the Rollo –

Label Resizer Extension (so you can have the exp date and print from seller central) –

Our must-have shipment supplies for Amazon FBA sellers:

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14 thoughts on “Rollo Printer Review – From The Perspective of an Amazon FBA Seller

  1. Thanks for the video. The speed on the Rollo is amazing!! I just got the demo a few months back and now I wish I had gotten this one. Question about putting the the expiration dates on the FNSKU sticker – I thought they had to be on their own sticker and 36pt type or has Amazon changed that or did I misunderstand? I will be so excited to be wrong!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'm a dinosaur, I still use 30 up, but always appreciate your videos and, by the way, your wedding rings are gorgeous! Have a great day and thanks for all the fab content!

  3. Hi Jessica – Thanks for this video. I have a Rollo and just started with Amazon. What are your settings to print the shipping labels? For some reason I could only figure out how to print full page and have used my laser printer for my first few shipments. Thanks in advance your videos are so much help for me.

  4. there are stackable trays for blank labels!! you may want to use folded labels instead of rolls. Or, you could switch to deeper trays and just have the labels/roll loose in the tray (i've done this lots over the years, it works…). anyway, thanks for the review! i bought an early Rollo, and have had a ton of difficulty with it. the temp/print is either burnt or non-existent. i'll have to try it again…

  5. Very nice video. I have a dymo 450 turbo and I have had nothing but trouble printing labels with it. I thought i could print them out in one big batch just the 30 ups. I am a big fan of the rollo i have been wanting to add that to my office printing situation. I see alot of people putting the labels on the ground and using a paper weight to hold them on your desk if your not using them. I know its weird but it might be better then whats going on with you. Alot of people just use one printer to print 1 size of label as well. Maybe use the dymp for fba labels and use the rollo for your shipping. Either way thanks for the video i want a rollo even more now lol. If you ever find a better way to print your labels please make a video! Thanks

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