49 thoughts on “Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Gameplay

  1. Sergeant – 'Your leaving the battle. Come back or you will be court marshalled'.
    Sergeant – 'I repeat come back or you will be court marshalled'
    Sergeant – 'That's it. You will be court marshalled son'

  2. I bought this game it said it comes withRO2 and rising storm, but the rising storm dlc for this game doesn't work, help plz!!

  3. are there single player??? its still download it takes long time :/ tell me if its worth it if not ill not download it

  4. how do you type in chat? Because I want to forgive some players for team killing me and I can not find the key to type in "np" please help.

  5. It's really cool hwo they set things up on realism mode. You are like carrying 7 mags for rifle and 2-3 mags for machine guns. And it was like raining hell because you die quickly

  6. Judging from the comments, I can already tell the community for this game is just a bunch of snarky assholes out against anyone who plays anything else. Don't get me wrong, the game looks fun, but you all sound like a bunch of elitist fucks. Lighten up.

  7. Looks amazing. But why did I get a mac? There are absolutely no war games I can play other than Verdun or World War 2 Online

  8. We need people which know and play this mod for Red orchestra 2/Rising storm
    Join us:http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=92324

  9. so is this like a squad based game? almost like mount and blade? or are you all alone, like an fps.  I really have no idea.  This does look like one of the only good games on the pacific

  10. What is the difference to Red Orchestra and Rising storm? Are they two different games? I want this but is it Red Orchestra or Rising storm? On Steam I can buy each one but i dont know what is what?

  11. Realism + Simulator = Fun
    Some people play FPS in the ultimate difficulty to simulate Wars, and have fun that way. If you think fun is going around getting shot 50 times and still not dying, you're entitled to that, but in my opinion, that is not fun.

  12. I love the insecurity assuming that I play CoD. I don't deny that this might be more realistic than other war shooters but I argue that doesn't necessarily make it a fun game. Stop getting so defensive child.

  13. It's the most accurate description of war you will see in a long time in a video game, that's what makes it interesting, to "experience" the real war

  14. Hey man, I don't really want to argue with you but this game is a realistic game and taking cover at every opportunity i very realistic. If you have ever played this game you would see that taking cover is a major factor to the game.

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