Red Magic 3 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Red Magic 3, an Android unlocked 4G LTE smartphone with very high end specs and a low price tag. The Red Magic 3 is a gaming phone, with an esthetic to match, though it’s not too blingy if you go with our black model. The real excitement here are the specs you get for $479: a bright and huge 2340 x 1080 OLED 6.65” 90Hz display with Gorilla Glass 2.5D, a Snapdragon 855 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, fingerprint scanner, headphone jack, 48MP rear camera (Sony sensor), 16MP selfie camera and a 5,000 mAh battery. A higher end config is coming with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. Nubia makes the Red Magic 3, but they’re spinning Red Magic off as an independent marketing brand. The phone competes with higher priced smartphones like the OnePlus 7 Pro and has higher end specs than the cheaper Razer Phone 2— watch our review to see how well it does.


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26 thoughts on “Red Magic 3 Review

  1. Not interested in gaming on phones but the battery size seems nice.

    Especially if this had solid lineage support would be a good phone

  2. 9:54 I have to disagree about the overheating and dropping frames part. I have played Sword Art Online Integral Factor and Dead Effect on 2 different phones at max settings and at first, it seems fine, but 30 minutes to 1 hour later, and the phone starts overheating and dropping frames.

  3. I bought this phone, and the quality control is bad. My speakers were busted, and the global rom was glitchy and missing features. They wouldn't even answer my emails asking them to refund my money. In fact, if you go to their support page you'll see many unhappy customers.

  4. There is a lot to like about the Red Magic 3.  Unfortunately for me anyway, it will not connect to any LTE bands. It only connects to 4G.  My carrier is AT&T. I've taken it to the AT&T store where they verified all the settings are correct to connect the LTE, but it simply won't.  I purchased the phone for playing Pokémon Go. Without LTE connection Pokémon Go is almost unplayable. We defiantly have LTE in the area and others with Iphones, Samsung Galaxys and even cheap Walmart phone connect to LTE here.So overall even though there is a lot to like, the Red Magic 3 is a failure for me. No responses from the manufacturer regarding the problem just make it worse.

  5. I play Lineage 2 Revolution on my S10e and after a couple hours the phone is hot to the touch. I start getting choppy images and lag from what seems to be throttling. So I think I can make use of this fan and vapor cooling

  6. Cool looking phone there ! I hesistate between the Black Shark 2 and the Red Magic 3. Both of them got some sweet specs, I'll be satisfied with either phone but I think I'll get the Red Magic 'cause of the Audio Jack ! (And the Camo and Red design are very intersting; especially the Camo one)
    Thanks for the review !

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