Princube – scam or working mobile printer? My review

Is Princube a real working world smallest printer or it`s just another scam which doesn`t work as it should? At this point I already have had some questions to The God Things company and its product cause it seems a little bit suscpicious as for me. Find out what exactly is wrong with this thing in my new video-review!
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15 thoughts on “Princube – scam or working mobile printer? My review

  1. On the Amazon there is pretty similar working portable printer for 270 $:
    And I found lazer machine for 148 $ which really works on wood, leather and plastic:

  2. . . . how is this a "review?" All this is is less than a minute of you speculating about how reputable the company is, and explaining your suspiciousness towards the product.

  3. The CAD model does not show space for a PCB or a battery. If this was real you would see them in the exploded parts display and the CAD models. Those are not something you can skip putting in till later they have to be there from the start. The Ink cartridge takes up most of the space in the package. Also you cannot make black from CYM colored ink. A kind of dull gray but not black.

  4. I backed out soon after viewing their latest videos showing the unit "in action". Looking closely at the hand movement, it shifted around and rotated ever so slightly during application, but the finished line of print came out perfectly straight and linear, plus there was what appeared to be white opaque ink on the surface, which isn't possible. It was enough for me to call foul and back off.

  5. the HP ink cartiage takes up to 32 volt to boil up the ink and fire out of its nozzle. Of course you can simply step up the battery to any voltage, but the lipo battery shown on their video is way too small (looks like a 1s 3.7 volt, 600-800mah action camera battery to me) for such a power-thirsty application.

  6. Thanks again Yueshu is for your prompt reply. I am happy enough to purchase a printer from your start-up site. The super early bird says it includes a prince set, does that include an ink cartridge, manual etc? Also if I order a solvent cartridge at the same time, will that delay delivery of my printer?

  7. Thanks Yuenshu, so as I understand it, your software just prints images, there is no facility to compose text and or image within the app? All composition would have to be done externally and imported as an image? Just trying to get a clear understanding in my head of how it works.

  8. PrinCube is much cheaper than PrintBrush, because the BOM of PrinCube is cheap, e.g. both of them use FPGA chip, PrinCube use iCE40UL from Lattice, PrintBrush use MAX10 from Intel. Also, PrinCube use Ingenic CPU with 64 MBytes ram inside, so, it's cheap while has the ability to run Linux.

  9. It's also available at AliBaba's, much cheaper:

  10. It's a scam. The HP printhead can't print with solvent inks, they are lying. It can only print with water-based inks. The $300 PrintBrush can't print with permanent ink.

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