POLAROID PlaySmart 3D Printer – Tests & Review

Hi guys,

Today we will show you the Polaroid Playsmart 3D Printer.
In this video, you can see the unboxing and all the specs of this machine.
We also included all the tests that we have done and the review about this printer.
All the tests done were made with PLA filament.

The Polaroid Playsmart 3D printer can be purchased in Portugal here:

…or directly from Polaroid website here:

Link for the printer manual:

Link for the scale manual:

(*) Our Polaroid T-shirt was purchased at Primark store in Portugal.

The STLs files can be found here:

PowderPuff Unicorn


Kingslayer’s Golden Hand – Game of Thrones

Spiral Vase

Odd Vase Twisted

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18 thoughts on “POLAROID PlaySmart 3D Printer – Tests & Review

  1. Using this printer for one week and i´am very impressed about it. i am a beginner and this is a plug and play solution. cool features and top results! Using it for prototyping with fusion360 and cure.

  2. Well, the price is a tad spicy, but for someone that doesn´t want the hassle, like IDK, a sales person in a small business that wants to print a gift or a scaled down model, not bad at all. Software issues are on the other hand a bummer, as exactly that kind of person won´t be messing with a slicer. That said, software can be improved…
    Still, for my tornado, I would kill to have that quick release system for the nozzle, as the stock is a pain in the butt… does anybody know one? Eventually? Thx for the vid!

  3. Yikes! That thing's expensive for being all plastic and having such a tiny print volume. Plenty of other printer models out there now that are half that price, are built much better, and have a print volume approaching 8X that size.

  4. Nice review thwnks.but like others i think its too expensive for what it is unfortunate but thats just poloriod being greedy

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