Phúc Mập Visits Train Street Before It Closes – Hanoi, Vietnam

I took a trip up to Hanoi to explore the many differences between it and Saigon. Because of the immense of amount of food and tourism we filmed up there, this will be part 1 of a series all about the north of Vietnam. This part covers Train Street (no longer available), Pho Cuon, the Museum of Ethnology, and Egg Coffee. Follow along as I uncover the many specialties that the north of Vietnam has to offer!
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Welcome to my channel! My name is Hurley, but the Vietnamese know me as “Phúc Mập”. I’ve lived in Vietnam for the past 5 years, meeting locals, and traveling to new places around Vietnam and Asia. This channel is to express how much I love Vietnam, its people, food, and culture. I hope you enjoy my videos, and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content.
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22 thoughts on “Phúc Mập Visits Train Street Before It Closes – Hanoi, Vietnam

  1. Các bạn ơi! Đừng quên theo dõi Phúc Mập trên:
    Cảm ơn!

  2. I'm learning english so I really enjoye to hear you speak english.
    Nhưng anh nói tiếng Việt rất dễ thương 😉

  3. Anh Phúc mập nên làm nhiều video như thế này.để quảng bá văn hóa,ẩm thực,du lịch và con người Việt Nam ra toàn thế giới.thanks

  4. Thích Phúc vì nói tiếng Việt rất đáng yêu. Giờ cứ nói tiếng a thế này khác gì những người nước ngoài khác. Video kém hấp dẫn đi đấy. Nên suy nghĩ lại

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