20 thoughts on “Philips Hue Light Strip Plus Install & Review

  1. Very good video. Was much needed info here. One comment is that, please work on the focus on objects when showing close to the camera. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Perfectly explained with lots of detail. This will save a lot of frustration for those who bought the kit and expected it all to be simple plug and play for your particular setup.

  4. Bought one of the lightstrip plus's from Amazon and apparently they have caught on to your trick of extending/splitting before the first strip. I cut the heat shrink where the controller meets the LED's and there is plastic all around it now. I've been trying to peel the plastic away (first I tried a heat gun, but it isn't melting) with a knife and I'm hitting wire, so i'm going to abort the cutting process. I may just go ahead and cut the LED strip at the first cut mark, and then put in an extension/splitter.

    For those that might be at a store trying to decide which they might have.. the numbers on the bottom of my box are
    UPC: 0 46677 80027 7; other numbers (maybe lot #'s, specific model numbers and such) 915005109101 800276 And below the white UPC label 3222 638 51913

  5. Great video but, as another person stated further down in the comments, the easily removed casing near the controller is no longer an option (removing the wrapper does not expose a simple connection, but some kind of permeant plasticized wrap). This is now called a "hardwired" controller where the previous version was called a "detachable" controller. I'm sure those with soldering skills can get around this but, for us mortals, you can overcome this issue by procuring Litcessory's NEW "controller to 6-pin adaptor." Unlike the other Litcessory products referenced in this video, I could not find this new adaptor on Amazon (as of 7/20/19) but this link will point you to the company store where it can be purchased. https://litcessory.com/product/direct-to-controller-adapter. Frankly, with the hurdles I'm running into and Phillips' refusal to make an adaptable product with their own branded parts that allow for cutting and extension (trying to force additional light strip purchases, I guess) I'm finding myself second guessing my decision to go with this product. And, yes, the adhesive still sucks.

  6. Do you use a completely new strip on the other side of your kitchen and connect it to a different power source in the other side of the room?

  7. The video shows to remove the casing and the connector is easy to attach to the splitter. Philips must have changed this as I just purchased the lightstrip and there is a plastic type of substance surrounding the connector below that housing that if you remove just exposes the wires and thereby they made it more difficult than shown in the video with the easy connections.

  8. I want to buy this light strip, but what exactly else do I have to buy for them to work. Will the lights and app just do or do I have to buy something else? I read the comments and it said something about the hue hub and bridge but do I need those?

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