Philips Hue Bloom Lamp Review

Gabe Turner is Security Baron’s Director of Content and a smart light bulb expert.

If you have a smart home with a funky sense of style, then you’ll love the Philips Hue Bloom Lamp. This thing uses LED light and provides 16 million different color options for you to choose from. It even lets you dim the lamp, completely customizing it to your liking.

Aside from its unique design, the Philips Hue Bloom Lamp has a ton of great features. Whether it’s schedules, scenes, sunrise/ sunset mode, or geofencing, there’s very little that the Philips Hue Bloom Lamp is missing in terms of features. It also works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant for voice commands, plus a ton of other smart home integrations from companies like Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Xfinity, Logitech, IFTTT, and Razer. Can you say home automation? Plus, you can even transform your favorite pictures into scenes, an added bonus.

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9 thoughts on “Philips Hue Bloom Lamp Review

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  2. Take a look at this fantasy Philips Hue DJ app:

    Whether you want to hold a party, celebrate new year or just do something cool, 'Hue Dj – AI' is the tool for you: It has everything you need to take your show on the road, it's pre-decoding mechanism brings you fantasy dj effects without a delay. Maybe you've tried Hue Sync, Hue Disco, or Light DJ, but I suggest you have a try at 'Hue Dj – AI', it makes something different.

  3. What I honestly don't like about the Philips Hue Bloom is that it doesn't have a physical switch to turn it on or on, so you must go via the Hue App or via the Google home assistant. Apart from that it's a nice lamp to use…

  4. As much as I love your videos, unfortunately I need to unsubscribe. It’s just too much of an annoyance when you say Alexa on my TV and trigger my devices. Most everyone else YouTubing has learned to drop the volume and print the word on the screen with text. Even an alternative that folks use is changing the wake word to something less used, like Computer or Echo. I have a 2.1 Echo setup in the room so it gets doubly. Keep up the good work though. Hope you can accommodate at some point. 👍🏻

  5. It said I was too late to get the five extra entries but I’m on the video and it’s only been out for five minutes

  6. Now we're cooking! I'm always glad to see something added to the Hue Ecosystem. Do you know about those little devices that let you turn "dumb" light strips into Phillips Hue light strips?

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