16 thoughts on “Paradisus Princesa Del Mar – Varadero CUBA

  1. im not a foodie…im a meat and potatoes kinda guy 🙂 . Love the Video. i want to go to Cuba…but all i hear is the food is bland.Help me out with ….whats the steaks and burgers like ?

  2. Love the video. we go to Varadero to escape the Atlantic Winter. Great people and better beaches. We stayed in town of Varadero for first time in April 2019. That change to experience completely, 100% our best time ever. We feel homesick when we leave and these videos get us through until next stay. Great job and thanks!

  3. Another question, how often do you tip, and how much do you tip each time? Wondering how much cash I should bring along (CAD)?

  4. Heading there next week with the wife. Will be our first time in cuba, anything you recommend we look out for in this resort? We upgraded to Royal Service hopefully it's worth it!

  5. We are trying to decide on a destination, either the Paradisus Del Mar or the Excellence Punta Cana in the Dominican. Have you been to the Dominican, you mentioned it a few times. Great video 😊

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