Palette 2 honest review – 4 colours for your existing 3D printer!

The Palette 2 can be added to any FDM 3D printer to enable four colour 3D printing. It cuts and splices together filament to make a continuous strand that is fed into the printer. Ping and pong checking is used to monitor filament flow and make adjustments mid print to keep everything in sync. At least that is how it works most of the time..

This is a very well made product with great potential. My best results (Prusa MK3) were fantastic and anyone I showed multi-colour prints to was instantly impressed. My worst results (Ender 3) were very frustrating with no clear improvements or answers. So far the tech support has been good so hopefully my Ender 3 issues are resolved.

I think the hardware is sound, so the necessary improvements can be made for free with firmware and software updates. I will make a follow up video with the resolution to my issues and more advanced multi material prints. I will also compare it to a budget dual extrusion printer: the Geeetech A10M.

The Palette 2 and Canvas hub was sent tome for free for the purposes of making this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Mosaic Manufacturing website:
Palette 2:
Palette 2 Pro:
Canvas Hub:
Canvas cloud software:
Firmware troubleshooting page:
Octoprint guide (to use your own pi instead of buying the hub):

Models featured in this video:
Tao dual extrusion test:
Boxing gloves:
Simple vase:
Calibration keyring:

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24 thoughts on “Palette 2 honest review – 4 colours for your existing 3D printer!

  1. I have one of these, and it is kind of doing the same thing as your benchy. it is just skipping layers with the colors. what exactly did you do to fix that?

  2. Excelente explicação, fiquei impressionado com a tecnologia da Pallet2 Pro, acabei comprando de um distribuidor aqui no Brasil, achei que mesmo não sendo um especialista em Impressões 3D conseguiria usar a Pallet2.
    Fiz a calibração da Impressora e em seguida iniciei a Pallet2 Pro e não tive sucesso nas impressões, os problemas que encontrei foram exatamente os que você menciona no seu vídeo.
    Acredito que essa tecnologia ainda vai ter sucesso, se você conseguir melhores resultados continue postando, parabéns pelo trabalho.

  3. So after owning a cr 10 .. and ender 3 .. i just ordered a brand new ender 3 with a palette 2 pro .. after a successful un packing by "just Vlad" on you tube i watched this video. the only difference i could see out of the gate was Vlad uses a special post purchase printed filament guide with a metal insert .and doesn't use the standard filament attachment . I enjoy your video's and will let you know my failure or success.. thank again

  4. 2 things i dont understand 1:) have we not found a way to NOT have the purge block yet? it just seams so much waste. I understand the need for the purge line. but why are we making this huge block when it should be as simple as a purging line or setting up the transition into infill. and my well lets just do that issue

  5. Entirely too expensive. It's literally double the price of many 3D printers. Why does Mosaic think that's even feasible? The waste blocks are huge… And you have to pay EVEN MORE for an extended warranty? No, totally not worth that kind of money.

    Great review; thank you for being very clear, factual, and precise with your review.

  6. I had the exact same problem. Went back to calibration. Manully Ran clear filament through till it ran clear. Then went through calibration, being very careful on when the color changed (on mk3 use settings/axis/extruder. Did a few key chains and earphone holder. all good, saved each print results. I have not had a problem again. When I first set it up I was using the load filament command. I think that is what was screwing everything up….. at least for me

  7. I'm really surprised how well thought out and mature the software, packaging and support. Not really worth 600 to me right now though, I'll stick to colloring my it post print for now.

  8. Mmm to pricey for myself and I don't like wasting filament in the purge blocks.. I can't help thinking how to make separate parts for different colours and click or glue together instead….Laurie

  9. Wow this is a great piece of tech. Now I can turn my semi professional printer into a professional one 😁 … Now I only have to explain to customers that their designs will be uploaded to some "don'tknowwherehowwhat?" cloud and … Oh … jup … there it is, the showstopper.

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