29 thoughts on “OUR CITY GETS T5 RALLIED… FOUR TIMES (we buy $100 FATE CHANGER) | Rise of Kingdoms

  1. Okay so i calculated it all. In total you had 1.003.464 sev wounded which cost a total of: 147.2M Food, 92.8M wood, 103.3M Stone and 60.2M Gold. You killed 1.802.179 of their rally units + another 712.039 T4 with AOE and 25.534 T5 with AOE. So in comparison you had 1M wounded while they had 2.5M units die. Good trade chisgule haha

  2. Hello chisgule I'm a ROK player, i was just wondering if you know when clarion call starts? Clarion call is my favourite event, im still new and i enjoy the game aswell as enjoying content you put up. Im from New Zealand so its currently 3:16am friday 13th December 2019. Sorry to bother you, I'm a huge fan of you and also of clarion call. Um if you could message me if you know when clarion starts…thankyou very much.

  3. The f… i dont care about your face and what are your point of view, i view this videos simply because of the title so why did you capitalize your face not your game 😑

  4. Spending a lot of money to temporary virtual fun. So many people are fall into a spiral, fall into the trap of business people.

  5. Almost what im wanting to see from this channel. In game of war 6 years ago i was a really high rank and i made my city a " forget the name" had enough hospitals to never lose a troop so people would attack me and lose hundreds of thousand power and i heal and become the exact same power lol. They would always be so butt hurt.

  6. I don't know whether I would like this video or not lol. I was once told to leave after I randomly teleported to the other area where an alliance sits on it. There were ready to engage a rally. I wish one of them: I hope you waste your time rofl.

  7. $100 a really good value for the bundle…. I mean, in reality, this is terrible value. But in relation (or comparison) to their normal bundles, you could say its a "great value". But you really need to think about what you are advertising…. I want these app games to lean away from this greedy $99.00 bundles bullshit. So many AAA games are sold at a $60 pricetag with DLC that range from $15 to $30 onward. Most of these microtransaction games with $99.00 bundles make you think that you are getting something great when really you are getting something piss poor. For instance some of these app games sell you 1/5th of something for $99.00 so that you have to pay $500 to get the full whatever it is unlocked. Ridiculous. And if anyone purchases these, you are basically fucking everyone else over because it teaches those marketing teams that it works and that its good. Really pisses me off, you know? The marketing teams have the power to dictate the price of their game (or microtransactions) but the consumer can dictate whether that is successful or not and potentially dictate the future choices made by marketing teams. Why are people throwing their money away and marking up the value of something not nearly worth that much?

  8. I am a new player , played this game for a week and you're videos help me reach 1M power in 1 week!! Amazing informations , SUPER GREAT Advices!! Chisgule you are my sensei and I thank you for making videos like this you are awesome!

  9. That’s just simply amazing. I never seen such war in my kingdom. Crazy battles have happened but not like this, you all are far above my 3m power lol Maybe one day I will be that big maybe one day.

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