Oculus Quest Red Matter review and tutorial

In this video, I go over Red Matter for the Oculus Quest. It’s an amazing game with some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the Quest.

Gameplay is challenging but not overly so, and I’d say it’ll take the average player about 2-3.5 hours to complete the game. Well worth the visual masterpiece you get.

This is a fantastic example of what the Quest can do and Vertical Robot (the developers) have hit a home run with Red Matter Oculus Quest.

All in all, I think Red Matter Oculus Quest is one of the most refined and stunning games you can get on the Quest to date. The gameplay is smooth, locomotion is well done, the graphics, lighting, and textures are second to none.

Check it out on the store here:

Oculus Quest Red Matter is the most visually stunning game to date for the Quest, and I can’t wait to see what comes out next to try and top it!

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26 thoughts on “Oculus Quest Red Matter review and tutorial

  1. As always, if you have any question feel free to ask in the comments below! And since I'm always asked, here where to get the Ready Play One skin I have on my Quest: http://bit.ly/ebayGamerWraps They have a bunch of cool skins for the Quest.

  2. I'm stuck in the 2nd phase where you lift the battery and charged it when it's charge and lift slowly put place it but as soon I pick up the battery died and than I've put it again I did it several time but no luck my question is anyway you can slow down your hand movement? Thanks!

  3. I bough this game having absolutely no idea it was going to flip like it has. I’ve never been more terrified in certain situations. Great game

  4. I just started playing the game last night. so glad you can change the locomotive features that really helps with motion sickness. Also, I had to take the headset off because the suspense was overwhelming lol.. But I can't wait to try again later today. Thanks for the awesome review Ty!

  5. What's the controls to drag objects toward you without grabbing them. Cos I've seen you can do a telekinesis thing with them

  6. You did know if you hold the grip button and move your hand in the direction can be used to move? make sure you have free locomotion on in options

  7. I bought the game, the minute I saw it for sale. I started watching your video, but skipped to nearly the end, because I want to play the game on my terms… indeed the graphics are great. I just played a little bit, but it looks to me that this game (also from the previeuws) is exactly what I like.

  8. it shows how bad modern games on pc are optimised. and you are right….nothing was as good looking on quest before. are those guys planning to sell their engine? or is it a ue4? unity?

  9. I bought Red Matter on SteamVR and streamed with Virtual Desktop, the quality and latancy ratio is better than the original Oculus Quest game. I'm thinking about returning my Quest :(.

  10. Great and well-explained video as always! This proves that the Quest is more than just a platform for simple games and simple visuals.

  11. I speak Russian, and the in-game language is just gibberish using the Cyrillic alphabet. So if you know Russian you won't be able to play the game without using the in-game translator.

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