Nurse Watches The Resident | Medical Drama TV Show Reaction!!

Nurse’s and healthcare professionals are some of the most annoying people to watch medical shows with, am I right? I watched The Resident for the first time and filmed my reactions.
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I am a 2nd year SRNA & ICU nurse. I went to nursing school to get my ADN, started working and then went back for my BSN. I was a travel nurse for 2 years before starting CRNA school. I loved travel nursing so much but I also love anesthesia so I went back to school to become a CRNA. I plan to continue my travel nursing career when I become a nurse anesthetist! Fitness is also a huge part of my life. I’ve competed in powerlifting and Crossfit. Jon and I own a gym together! We are also foster parents to dogs and (soon to be) children!
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38 thoughts on “Nurse Watches The Resident | Medical Drama TV Show Reaction!!

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this video! What should I watch next?! I got a lot of votes for Grey's Anatomy and I've never seen that either….

  2. I can explain the OR quick code. That patient, for some reason or another, had a MOLST form and and it was signed before surgery stating "If I code, make it a quick one (20 seconds max), I've lived a good life"

  3. I thought I liked Dr Mikes reactions videos but YOU KILLED IT!!!! Your funny but LOVE the actual medical explanations etc. please do MORE 😋

  4. You’re so smart! It makes me so self conscious because I am currently an MA and I want to go to nursing school soon and I don’t know half of the stuff you just said. 😂

  5. So glad you made this video. I watch all these medical shows but I think the resident is the absolute worst when it comes to accuracy. I think that’s sort of the point, the drama and the conspiracy theories but I just really hope people aren’t watching this thinking it’s anywhere close to reality.

  6. This was an awesome vid to watch. I'm a nurse and these shows drive me bonkers because of how wrong everything is. Isn't there a literal job in the entertainment industry called "medical script" where they write out scenes and what happens. This one was alllll wrong haha

  7. Keep doing more of these reaction videos please. Your reactions were very informative and on point. You caught quite a few medically unrealistic parts in the show. I am impressed by you. Thanks for uploading!

  8. Watch Code Black! They just had their last season maybe a year or so ago but I thought it was a super accurate medical show!

  9. Omg, I think it’s the latest episode that has the anesthesia provider standing there clueless waiting for the surgeon to tell him what to do for the crashing patient. I can’t.

  10. I'd watched one episode too…but l couldn't even finish it …and yes u r right this doctor is a real bully😵😵😶

  11. Patients are always ambulated and medicated by at least 2 doctors on TV shows lol. Nurses are just quiet and follow orders on most shows

  12. I love watching your videos!! Just want to say that I hope when I am finished that I can be just as smart and able to recall info as you do. Love you girl xoxo

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