18 thoughts on “Notice From ICSI to A Student !!

  1. Kitni ghatiya bat h ki unintentional mistake per bhi usko offence man rahe h,,, ho jati h bacche se galati,,,,,, such a fool peoples

  2. Omg.. thank u sir.. if my registration get cancelled then its mean all my previously cleared papers will also get canceled.. i can't imagine that.. all my 5 yrs of hardship time n money which i ve invested in this course become waste.. can't even imagine that.. m still a student of professional and hopefully soon will become cs but happening something like this will be a death like situation for any student.. hope no one get to face it..

  3. Saavdhaan Kerne k liye thank u….soooo much sir….aisi galti hoti sakti hai especially company law k case studies wale paper me coz of examination fear…..

  4. Oh my god..!! Just imagin that, what if this will happen with me,,, Thanks For Informing sir, I will take care of this.

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