26 thoughts on “NieR: Automata – TruE Ending E: the [E]nd of YoRHa (Deleting Save Data)

  1. keep wondering

    what happened to the first guy arrived at this scene? how did he finished this without any help from players

  2. U know why this is the kindest game inc. in the world?
    cuz you don't have to buy the game again after you decide to delete your data

  3. Even after a year later, this always brings tears to my eyes. Such a perfect game to bring players together in such a wholesome way.

    The music is literally unbeatable. I can't stop crying from this game. I hope whoever had my data's help passed the ending. God bless you all, the players.

    NieR is not a game made this popular from the creators. No… it's the players who make this game amazing. And I love it.

  4. I just did this… I thought it was a joke…. And it wasnt… O
    I lost all my data (it's not perfect but i played it for 80+ hours)….. I played Hard difficulty in my first run, and i want to try the very hard one…. Wish me luck

  5. The ending is just so unique it makes the game a true masterpiece.
    Everything will eventually ends, However, it's not about the end, but the struggle within the circle, the journey. That's why when you reach the end. It's time for all of your progress to be deleted, so you can now start to be in the circle, from the start, again.
    This whole game is a metaphor for life and how meaningless everything is. But in the end, you get to pass all of what you have achieved to help the future generations.

  6. People who hesitate are cowards, people who help the weak to shoulder the burden of the world are saviors, who else could make the difference. 😀😀😊😊😉😉

  7. To think that toyotaro would think that after such adventure we would not give up all our efforts to help a stranger after many came to our aid, Mankind, is not so bad after all, i became a helper, if one day you see "LMV'S data was lost" dont worry pal, i chose to be your guardian

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