41 thoughts on “nier automata save file/save game and using tutorial

  1. viejo me salvaste la vida, igual no llevaba mas de 15 horas de juego pero hacer todo de nuevo me iba a dar mucha pereza jajajaaja, muchas gracias bro

  2. thank u very much thanks to this video i will support the developers and buy the yorha edition u save my 19 hours of gameplay of a magnificent game

  3. Pake save game Kok ngebug ya gan pas bikin baru lagi pas pertama 2b ngelawan robot pas robot bos yg tinggi kok turunnya ga ketempat arenanya malah ngebug kebawah

  4. "Back up your save file"
    …what save file? ;-; y'all know why I'm here, I'm just glad I can help someone finish the game as well

  5. I have a problem when typing my name and press enter the game Stop working immediately (does anyone know the solution

  6. I hava a strenge question, i have the original game on steam,the original save file without the dlc works on a pirate complete version?

  7. Please help, does anyone have a save file that's the start of route B or the end of route A? My personal save wont load and I cant stand restarting all over again.

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