43 thoughts on “Nier Automata: Sacrificing Save Data!

  1. Welp I could not connect to the internet. Getting pissed off by the bullet hell I ended up hacking the hacking, and managed to see ending E. Pod did non even ask me any of this stuff, and I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

  2. So I did sacrifice
    Question how did I helped someone or did I even helped somebody or it just deleted all my data?

  3. In this case, better find all the hidden quests, items, etc because it'll save the trouble of re-visiting the game. Sacrifice your save data, remember the story, then uninstall

  4. I am not going to lie, but when Pod 042 spoke about how you could help someone you intensely dislike
    I know some horrid people, and still managed to reflect and say yes on this.

  5. I've only begun my second playthrough of 9S's point of view, but I gotta LOL at all the people here on their high horse talking about deeper meanings in a video game. I have no idea what this "giving up my save" thing is about, when I'm asked to do it or how it helps someone out… But I sure as hell ain't giving up hours of saved data. And I guess other people are gonna call me selfish now.

  6. “The world is full of hardship. Even so, continue to fight for what’s important to you.”

    That was my message.

  7. I'll use this comment section to say thank you to everyone who helped me in the ending credits. Sadly I wasn't able to see your gamer tags but know this I'm grateful for your assist. Thank you

  8. This is utterly ridiculous. Here I am, watching videos while my big brother is playing the game. (It's my game, and he was begging to play it) and to my surprise without any warning. My brother tells me, "Yeah, I made a mistake in the game" my heart starts pounding because I knew he was at the end of game. Then he shows me all the save data deleted. WHY IN THE WORLD HAVE IT A LITERAL DESTROY ALL LIFE BUTTON, THAT DELETES NOT ONE BUT ALL SAVE SLOTS! All the work I did wasted because he thought that the, "this will delete all your data" was a joke! This is insane. I know I'm late, but this just happened and it's infuriating.

  9. tbh i didnt help since i wanted to 100% my game and im still not done yet but one i got everything i WILL help

  10. Wait, so what happened to the first person who ever beat the game? Did they get help from Yoko himself? There are no save files to save you if you're the very first.

  11. Ending E should’ve called the jokE of Yoko Taro because it make no sense! Everyone are R.I.P then let they be.why should we delete our data?Bullshit!

  12. I don’t need to delete mine data bc out there already have someone that can help those random players.😂✌🏻

  13. The amount of times I was asked if I wanted to delete all my data is directly proportional to the amount of time I hesitated before selecting "Yes".
    I almost selected "No" on the last one. Almost. Oh as well as for the person who you intensely dislike.

  14. i wouldve deleted but i spent 200 hours to get the platinium, 40 hours after this question, im thankful for everyone who helped me and sacrficed themselves!

  15. You know what would have been cool? The closer the player is to completing the game 100% when they choose to sacrifice their save file, the stronger their little arrow pod thing is when it gets summoned to help someone else.

  16. Sat at this for 10 minutes last night trying to make my choicw and choose to help others. Will just play through it all again

  17. I just beat the game for the first time, and man, I feel like that where time, I was just playing the intro to the real game. Lol

  18. So… what if I backed my save up o the cloud and try to reload THAT after doing this? Would it pick up that somethings wrong with my save files or something?

  19. Moral of the game: Seriously, you don't need to play a story-oriented game so many times. So, use your save data and remember the story only. It's not like you're playing Devil May Cry or God of War or whatever ng+ that matters kind of games.

  20. I used the save from ps4 to sacrifice, meanwhile I soloed on pc and saved my progress (obviously through cheat engine edited some values for 30 hit points).

  21. This is the only way to fully experience what this game has to offer. Not the post game stuff. Not getting all the achievements. This sacrifice right here is the pinnacle.

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