28 thoughts on “Nier automata how to save guide

  1. I just got this game and was super excited but now I’m losin my $h*t cuz I’m on attempt #8 of the beginning and refuse to go to an easier mode cuz I’m stubborn as hell.

  2. Just bought this game heard it was good in the first boss died then saw I had to restart it. Returned the game the fuck shit is this 2018 ps4 wtf patch that dumb shit.

  3. I was super excited to play this game, put it down cause i kept having to start at the beginning of the game again. I really hate the opening

  4. Why would the game have a long prologue that is really hard and long without the ability to save or have any checkpoints?

    Honestly if this game wasn't so loved and declare the masterpiece i would of called the game total crap. Actually I can't get past the prologue the game is total crap to me.

  5. So when I would save the game and then look for load data and Nothing would be there its OK . I just got to play till I get to vending machine to do quick save and like level 4 I see some people say .

  6. good info, but you speak so faintly and fuzzily!!! That I need to rewind 3 times before I could understood what you told! More life next time! 😛

  7. Oh My God, I replayed the 1st chapter about 5 times and still stuck (must have played more than 5 hours), Geez it's time to stop…

  8. I got a question, Will quick saving while in a chapter select delete your ending completions? (ending completions as in finishing route A, C, D, etc?)

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