Nier Automata Ending D & E : There's No Going Back!!

Nier Automata Ending D & E : There’s No Going Back!!
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32 thoughts on “Nier Automata Ending D & E : There's No Going Back!!

  1. Fun/sad thing : when i finished the game i wasn't connected to Playstation Network. I spend 2 hours playing the mini game at the end !!! It drived me mad ! I had to go and watch a video to understand i had to be connected to finish it…

  2. hey, I'm new but I wanted to pitch in and let you know that we ACTUALLY know what happens to 2B and 9S after this ending! There was a stage play performed that covers it, as well as the creation of Project Yorha, A2's past, and several other things. If you REALLY want to get your feelings hurt, visit Kyle McCarley's youtube channel (the voice of 9S), as he and Kira Buckley (the voice of 2B) read the whole thing live together. (Along with several other extremely talented Voice actors).

  3. I also chose to help someone for my data, and I will say it's worth it in more than 1 way, although I had way more stuff than you they were like all over 80% completed.

  4. When Pod 153 said to me at the end, "Do you faithful player PussyDestroyer69" I burst out laughing while my tears flowing out in my eyes. That totaly destroyed my feels moment 😂

  5. I was silence all the time since u fighting with A2(sometime I almost cry,lol),and then I start to smile again when you choose to help other player even that cost of all your save file…….I know this kinda late for 2 years old video,but thank you for your kind and your video 🙂

    and pls take my sub,you deserve this.

    sorry for bad Eng.

  6. Ending E was my favorite, NieR was a very emotional game for me (I openly sobbed at many points, most prominently pascal's A2 decision, that stuck with me for a VERY long time afterward), and ending E was just so perfect. I also love the silliness of pod 042 attempting to launch a suicide attack and then being embarrassed and thinking he must look very silly being carried.

  7. Yea its interesting how it deletes all your data I mean I feel like it has more meaning to delete all of your saved data in the first Nier game because you give up your existence to save Kaine. I love these Nier games!!

  8. This blew my mind the first time I played through the ending [E]. I agree one of the best endings to any video game.

  9. I came for the unedited last 2 minutes to see your reaction. You did it to help others in earnest and now experienced true loss to help others reach over the top. That is your reward. Yoko Taro is not a Hideo Kojima, he doesn't troll, he follows through with his warnings. The only way to experience true loss is to experience true loss. Instead of pulling an "aha gotcha!", you experienced something that cannot be undone. The pods broke the 4th wall by "not accepting the ending" and hacked through the very source code of the game, having you defeat all the developers and programmers of the game to ensure A2, 2B,and 9S survive. As the pod said, it was a suicide-run and you only surpass your limitations with the aid and sacrifice of others. So, won't you do the same for others, so they may experience the ending, and maybe they too will pay it forward? Your expression and silence during that white screen was palpable and I think it's what every single player who got this far felt. This is the true definition of altruism. Sacrifice and help for 0 reward. Maybe this will help us all to be better people in life.

  10. Loved watching your ending e playthrough a few times. Its an amazing, but shocking feeling to complete and sacrifice your data. In this game though it just feels right. It was great to watch your enjoy it so much 🙂 thank you

  11. people who already got ending E sacrivice their data so people can see the beauty they already seen
    humanity still have a good heart afterall

  12. This game was a boring open world simulator but it was still deep and amazing as a game. I have so mixed emotions about this.

  13. This one actually hit me pretty good. After 13 years of addiction and struggle, helplessness was a familiar feeling.I think I wrote "Sometimes we feel trapped. But in the end, you're not alone". I hadnt even 100%, but I put in probably 100 hours or more, but I deleted those saves in a heartbeat. One of the coolest game moments ever for me.

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