44 thoughts on “NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst | First 50 Minutes | Nintendo Switch

  1. You download this from eshop? Is there an option to change the languange into japanese? Or we have to play it in english? Please answer

  2. i really like this game but i really hate it too, there’s too many dicks that play it. online sucks ass too, good players pick on the weak noobs. story is too long in my opinion but i just play to fight.. honestly.

  3. Damn I’ll admit seeing one of my favorite gaming series on Switch is awesome now I’m considering buying one now

  4. How come it’s not in my eshop and I’m in North America it said it would release April 26 same as Japan

  5. At least docked looks fine. Would have been nice to have AA, but performance is rock solid. 540p is still the concern though. People playing for the first time are lucky. The games are a good value at $20 each.

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