Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – All Characters Jutsus / Ultimate Jutsus / Awakenings ~ English

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Decided to do this for Storm 3. I noticed that they changed / nerfed a couple of jutsus. But I really liked the story mode. Was similar to Storm 2. But there’s so many Naruto’s/Sasuke’s in this game. Hope there’s no problem with the video this time.

Demon Wind Bomb is only available through the Ninja World

Played by me
Recorded using Elgato Game Capture HD, 720p


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37 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – All Characters Jutsus / Ultimate Jutsus / Awakenings ~ English

  1. I remember playing this game with my little brother on my PS3. I used to play mostly Shino because i loved his look and unique bug powers and he used to play mostly naruto because he was the single one he knew…

  2. 0:00 Naruto child
    00:34 Naruto shippuuden start
    1:18 Naruto Sennin mode
    1:43 Naruto 4th ninja war / 9tails bijuu mode
    2:33 Uchiha Sasuke child
    2:55 Sasuke rival of Itachi
    3:06 Sasuke taka / akatsuki
    3:35 Sasuke hebi / chidori nagashi
    4:01 Sasuke 4th ninja war
    4:14 Sasuke darkness seer
    4:57 Haruno Sakura child
    5:19 Sakura shippuuden
    5:40 Hyuga Neji child
    6:01 Neji Shippuuden / Jounin
    6:27 Hyuga Hinata child
    7:01 Hinata Shippuuden
    7:21 Rock lee child / bushy brow / hidden lotus
    7:46 Lee shippuuden
    8:06 Mighty Guy
    8:38 Gaara child, Jinxhuriki of 1 Tails
    8:58 Gaara shippuuden
    9:06 Gaara Kazekage
    9:30 Gaara Captain of 4th ninja war army
    9:54 Kimimaro child
    10:20 Nara Shikamaru Shippuuden
    10:39 Akimichi Choji Shippuuden
    11:06 Choji 4th ninja war / butterfly
    11:11 Inuzuka Kiba shippuuden
    11:34 Temari shippuuden
    11:56 Tenten shippuuden
    12:18 Aburame Shino shippuuden
    12:40 Yamanaka Ino shippuuden
    13:00 Kankuro shippuude / karasu+kuroari+Sanshōuo puppets
    13:20 Kankuro 4th ninja war
    13:31 Hatake Kakashi child
    13:51 Kakashi sharingan / copy ninja
    14:40 Uchiha obito child
    15:00 Sai shippuuden
    15:28 Tenzo Yamato
    15:50 Chiyo (Baa Sama)
    16:12 Sasori of sand
    16:38 Kakuzu
    16:59 Hidan
    17:22 Haku child (He is a boy lol)
    17:42 Zabuza
    18:06 Jugo shippuuden
    18:21 Karin
    18:54 Suigetsu
    19:12 Yakushi Kabuto shippuuden
    19:35 Kabuto edo tensei
    19:59 Orochimaru
    20:24 Uchiha itachi shippuuden
    21:05 Itachi Edo Tensei
    21:23 Konan
    21:42 Pain (Nagato Controls 6 of them, one of them is corpse of Yahiko)
    22:06 Nagato
    22:34 Tobi (Obito)
    22:57 Tobi 4th ninja war
    23:19 Masked Man (first tobi who controls Kyuubi/9tails)
    23:43 Uchiha Madara
    24:09 The 1st Hokage (Senju Hashirama)
    24:32 The 2nd Hokage (Senju Tobirama)
    34:56 The 3rd Hokage (Hiruzen Sarutobi)
    25:22 The 4th Hokage (Namikaze Minato) / Yellow Flash of the Leaf
    25:49 Minato captain of team Minato (Kakashi,Obito and Rin)
    25:59 The 5th Hokage (Senju Tsunade)
    26:20 Shimura Danzo elder of Leaf and leader of Root
    26:46 Jiraiya
    27:08 Mifune, Samurai Lord
    27:28 Hanzo, Leader of Amegakure, Salamander Lord
    27:54 Fuu, Jinchuriki of 7 tails
    28:23 Utakata, Jinchuriki of 6 Tails
    28:58 Han, Jinchuriki of 5 Tails
    29:28 Roushi, Jinchuriki of 4 Tails
    29:56 The 4th Mizukage (Karatachi Yagura), Jinchuriki of 2 Tails
    30:30 Yugito, Jinchuriki of 2 Tails
    30:54 The 4th Raikage (A)
    31:16 Raikage 4th ninja war
    31:28 The 5th Raikage (Darui)
    31:47 The 3rd Thuchikage (Onoki)
    32:13 The 5th Mizukage (Terumi Mei)
    32:35 Killer Bee (B), Jinchuriki of 8 Tails
    33:04 Bee, The third Samehada user, Yey! 😉

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  3. Can someone help me?
    Okay,so I don't have Tailed Beast Bomb ultimate jutsu,I have massive rasengan mega barrage,so do I need to beat the mission with Obito and Tails to unlock it?

  4. Best Jinchuuriki Yugito Nii English Dub:Wendee Lee. Portuguese Brazilian Dub:Camila Castellani Japanese Dub:Mie Sonozaki best dubbled is English. i Love My Yugito Nii. of pure red lipstick and nothing else I know a girl who looks like her if they want me to send her photo and add me to my Discord. Glacier Legendary Chevalier Gear#5433

  5. I will never understand why they feel the need to scream out the name of whatever they're doing.

    In some cases it seems like it would present a tactical disadvantage to inform your opponent of what you intend to do.

  6. I installed this game on lap top of 4 gb ram memory its working perfect but controls i cant make controls well i cant move left right i can attack normal and all same

  7. Hey does the basic version have these different form/age?? Like naruto kage/sage/ tail beast mode,garaa kid/teen/ kage,sasuke kid/hawk/akatsuki etcetc

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