39 thoughts on “MY BEST URF GAMES EVER (THE MOVIE) – BunnyFuFuu

  1. bunz i from philippine im your number 1 fans and try to get money to watch your new videos and i hope i can get a pc give away

  2. no one gonna talk about the syndra throwing buffs at him when hes playing jinx and they become the creepiest crawlers i have ever seen in a video game because they are trying to reset? no one? ex 1:44:01 1:45:52 1:46:23

  3. Nice Video. But I've been wondering why you rarely ever used your w in the tryn game. It's a free slow and atk debuff 24/7.

  4. I know this is old but it irks me so much that he doesn't build a luden's first or second or third on lux nid and especially lucian ap lucian you always build it first especially on urf

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