Munbyn USB Thermal Label Printer Review + Teardown!

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First off I’d like to thank Munbyn for providing this thermal label printer for review. In this video we take a look at a beefy thermal label printer that is generally targeted for commercial applications, capable of continuously and reliably printing. Luckily though with the included usb drivers we can have some fun printing out whatever we want because windows detects it as a standard printer and no other special software is required. I demo printing out a shipping label that I created in inkscape and then we crack the printer open to see what makes it work.


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11 thoughts on “Munbyn USB Thermal Label Printer Review + Teardown!

  1. Very informative and well-presented. I wouldn't have minded also seeing some printed graphics–receipt/label headers, QR and bar codes, UPCs, etc. 🙂

  2. This USB Thermal Label Printer is very fast and doesn't need ink. very useful about crack the printer open to see what makes it work. 👍

  3. I have one called Rollo that's real good. I use it when I sell stuff on ebay. People who send stuff to amazon also need these.

  4. You don't have A/C Shawn? (of course I should not assume) but it looks like you live in a nice place whether renting or owning LOL even a fan maybe?

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