Hi! I’m Jemmy! “BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE” is BTS’ third and latest documentary film, after “BURN THE STAGE: THE MOVIE” (2018) and “LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL” (2019).
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Launched globally on August 7, the 100-minute film features the 2018 world tour of K-pop superstars BTS in the order of time.
Many fans of BTS will surely remember the “Love Yourself” tour that started in Seoul in August and hit North America and Europe.
The film begins with a roof-top wine party, a day after their last world tour concert in Paris. All seven members celebrate the mega-project and share heart-felt memories of the concert tour. In retrospect, the whole process of world tour is unraveled to the audience.
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20 thoughts on “[Movie Review] BTS’ BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE

  1. I don't have time to watch this movie in cinema!!! Pls helo me where can I watch this😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭thi is so heart breaking

  2. Before, my dad has the Burn the Stage movie but I didn't know about bts that much. He said "BTS has a movie!" Then layer he was like nvm it's not imma delete it. WAI DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT BTS YET THAT TIME.

    I wish he will have Bring The Soul movie and I will beg him to not delete it ;-;

  3. I haven't been to the threaters for a long time but I definitely made time to see this movie.. it was soooo worth my time… I looove it

  4. I am so sad because my exams git moved due to suspension….. AND NOW I CANT WATCH IT THE LAST ONE IS TOM. FOR OUR COUNTRY.

  5. Korean cinema : "There's a separate sing along screening."

    Meanwhile in the rest of the world :

  6. when Jin was walking in the park, i had the impression that he is lonely. He looked lonely. I hope that he can find a special girl. I really dont mind our boys dating. It is even weider, at their age, not having one.

  7. Want to watch this so badly… when i was in Thailand last week, I saw the trailer play in the cinemas but I couldn’t watch it. 😩💜

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