Mountain Dew® Violet Review! | Japanese Flavor | Team-Up w/ Critical Eats Japan

Today I review the Mtn Dew® Violet from Japan! This is a Mtn Dew® Japan exclusive flavor that I ordered online in order to give this a try in the United States! I enlisted the help of Paul and Aaron from Critical Eats Japan to see what this Grape flavored Mountain Dew® is all about. So after you check out my review, please go and check out their review on Paul’s channel that will be linked below.

This sounds VERY interesting and I am happy to be able to try it, but do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.

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Critical Eats Japan Mtn. Dew® Violet Review :

Mtn Dew Website :


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20 thoughts on “Mountain Dew® Violet Review! | Japanese Flavor | Team-Up w/ Critical Eats Japan

  1. Would love to win the prize so I could try it on my channel, I could review something besides baseball cards for a change.

  2. Yay Paul!! I am glad you have someone to come through for you bud.. I wish I knew a Paul, especially him. Haha, rock you been under? Lol. You are killing it all the time, thanks!! I love grape, so I wish it were in the states!! Ouch, 71? I would of thought low because you weren't feeling it. Grape Ape was awesome!! My son doesn't even know who that is. 😄 You talked to Paul and it just appeared?? You are funny!! I'm still laughing, good one!!!

  3. Just saw Paul and Aaron's review on this. It's nice to see a collaboration with my two favorite food reviewers. Like I commented on Paul's vid, not a big fan of the original Mountain Dew but do love Code Red. Probably, would like this flavor, also. Funny coincidence, just had a grape soda the other day. Haven't had a grape soda in years. Maybe, someday, you may get a chance to visit Paul in Japan and test out all those incredible vending machines and such. 🙂

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