MORTARS ON IWO JIMA | Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2) Gameplay

When in doubt, mortars out. I would like to think that my experience has prepared me for classic Rising Storm, but reality has different plans…

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Rising Storm is a stand-alone expansion pack to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. The title focuses on the Pacific campaign of World War II. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is a World War II-themed tactical first-person shooter video game.

Thank you for watching! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “MORTARS ON IWO JIMA | Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2) Gameplay

  1. I… Absolutely… LOVE…. this weapon!!! Much More balanced than ones In bf where you can see the flight of the Shell…?
    Btw loyal hat still on yo head 2 years later.

  2. The light mortar class is probably my favorite class in a Tripwire game, so many memories of destroying hamburgers.

  3. As usual good entertaining vid – btw here is a link to the real deal regarding knee mortars on Iwo Regards from SturmTurm

  4. if you scroll your mouse wheel with the mortar you can set it to drop at a certain distance, it helps if you are trying to shoot over a house or something. also if your team mates spot targets you can just dial the mortar into the distance the target is at and shoot.

  5. I'm new to these kinds of shooters so I have to ask a stupid question

    RO2 slow paced tactical shooter ( a harder version of BF?)
    Insurgency fast paced shooter (a harder version of CoD?)
    Arma 3/ Squad more of a military simulator rather than a "classic" shooter game?

    is that about right or am I completely off here?

    thx in advance

  6. Hey bro I am aspiring to youtuber gamers when you need some collaboration for a video or something I also play this game my nick is (AurysBO) talk me pls

  7. Me and buddy played rising storm 2 last night, I think tonight the original is in order. I think it's better than Vietnam..

  8. I hear whatcha mean about the team play, too. S'why sometimes the lonewolf shooters stand out. But, ultimately, I love the vids you put out, and the games you post. Keep it real.

  9. Gotta miss some good ole RS1. GGs. Iwo Jima is probably my favorite RS1 map. "I go down in a blaze of shit, just like I lived." I hope you don't mind when I quote. xD

  10. There's little white dots on your side-screen when an enemy is slightly off-camera. You missed a lot of enemies that way.

  11. I´m really a fan of your videos , keep it up bro . Could you sign my steam profile please? 😛

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