Minecraft Tutorial: How to build a medieval ship (Tradeship) Version 2

A tutorial of a new designed medieval ship which is meant to be used as tradeship.

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List of materials (with 4 expansions glass only, no beacon, no floors): (for survival mode)

115 x log
232 x planks
137 x wooden halfslabs
59 x wooden stair
55 x fence
30 x grey wool
31 x white wool
1 x trapdoor


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Music: “So It Begins”, “Heading For The Battle”, “Edge Runner”, “Crescendo”, “Run For Your Life” and “The Drums Of War” – Rick Clarke
Music from Music4yourvids.co.uk

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33 thoughts on “Minecraft Tutorial: How to build a medieval ship (Tradeship) Version 2

  1. I like the build, but it's really impractical for survival, and I wish you had mentioned that. I build the whole thing before realizing that because of the deck being bottom slabs, I couldn't place blocks on top of it, and I ended up having to remake some major parts just so I could place things like crafting tables on the top deck. Thanks.

  2. The design is great, love it! But, the way you go back and ''remove'' and ''change'' stuff. Thats kind of uhm. Work done for nothing, as you could just have done that from the start. But heey what do I know, just a lazy pirate sailin past.

  3. OMG the explainaition is bad, talk about slurring words, and plz stop building at light speed, i normally have to pause tutorials regularly but this is RIDICULOUS XD

  4. You know the meme Of the guy driving and he’s yelling about how fast we’re going well that’s me right now, slow tf down 😂 I can’t build that fast and you said at the start it would be easy and slow 😂

  5. build at sea level he said and somehow has no water in his boat. I HAVE WATER IN MY BOAT WHAT KIND OF WITCHES SPELL IS THIS

  6. Was great. : TY I used different accents but all in all really easy to follow. TY https://gyazo.com/de5574f8b97953651ab090e24da03bf0

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