Minecraft: SevTech Ages || THE KRUNKK HOLE! || Ep 01

Sevtech Age 0 Survival: Krunkk find hole! Krunkk need food!
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43 thoughts on “Minecraft: SevTech Ages || THE KRUNKK HOLE! || Ep 01

  1. Hey, Rendog. I know you're probably never going to see this, but I found this series recently and I haven't really watched your videos in a while. I started watching your channel when you were on episode 14 of unmodded Minecraft Survival Season 1. I remember Fang, and Rambo, and Claw and Paw. And honestly, seeing this video, and your amazing energy, it really takes me back. Thank you for a lot. Watching your videos honestly helped me through a lot of really hard times.

  2. As someone who was really young when I first saw this channel (2012 lmao) I honestly cried when I revisited this channel

  3. Great video, Ren! I've struggled with watching other sevtech lets plays because the progression is so slow but yours was entertaining and a good pace. 🙂

  4. I enjoyed this pack up until they added in the real tech mods. Also I think galactic craft is a pretty terrible mod since there's nothing special about the planets.

  5. You play modded with cheats off? You're brave lol. I keep them on just in case of any sort of buggy nonsense. I've played this pack before and remember in particular that the game liked placing me miles off from where I should end up when jumping through portals. Like deep underground in the next biome over when coming back from the twilight forest, or ending up on the outer end islands when entering the vanilla end portal… Crazy. I ended up just making a habit of switching to creative mode whenever I had to use a portal, lol. I started a second playthrough recently and have yet to run into these problems again though, so fingers crossed it's not a problem anymore…

  6. Going to be honest and say that I haven’t watched a vid of yours for a while but when looking through my subscriptions for something to watch and I saw you had a new modded series out it was a instantly a must watch. XD This should be good to watch

  7. You kind of missed the train on sevtech ages… A more recently made would be enigmatica 2, but yeah, sevtech is an awesome pack…

  8. Be warned. Iskall, CaptainSparklez, & X33N experienced data leakage as the pack went on. You seem knowledgeable enough to deal with it tho Ren diggity

  9. Ren, you're going to have a stampede of ladies after showing off those knees. Seriously though, have a great 2019, and a wonderful holiday season – thanks for all the fish, er, vids.

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