Minecraft Sevtech: Ages – CRAFTING BASIC TOOLS and WEAPONS (Modded Survival) – Ep. 2

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Let’s play Minecraft SevTech Ages! In this episode, we carve out a cave shelter and craft a set of basic flint and stone tools and weapons with our Work Stump and ooga booga rock!!
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Map seed: ooga booga

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50 thoughts on “Minecraft Sevtech: Ages – CRAFTING BASIC TOOLS and WEAPONS (Modded Survival) – Ep. 2

  1. This reminds me so much of the original Surviving and Thriving in Minecraft, I watched that as a child and it's what got me into Minecraft so watching this is really nice.

  2. Your series on this is exactly what I needed. I started this and ran into a rough patch and stopped. But watching you play and seeing you explain everything gave me a new found desire to play this pack.

  3. I’ve been watching you since I was 5 and I found your channel in my suggested 🙂 very nice to see you are still doing Minecraft!

  4. I'm a little bit late here, but Paul, you are coming up with many new incredible series and for that I salute you sir!

  5. One you can light torches by right clicking them in the firepit or just an actual fire and two mystery meat comes from you after you die it's psj meat

  6. Interesting mod pack.
    I watched all your
    "Survive and thrive"
    series…hopefully this
    will run as long 🙂
    Great video PSJ!

  7. Prehistoric Guy 1: Il va faire tout noir !
    Prehistoric Guy 2 : Ta geule !

    (A reference to a French comedy film, about caveman, kinda funny to me)

  8. I'm glad that you're doing videos on this modpack 🙂 I've seen it around but haven't sat down and tried it out. Can't wait to see more.

  9. Strip your logs with your work blade before burning them for firewood/Sevtech has a nutrition system. You need to have one hundred percent meat, fruit, and veg in order to get some health bonuses.

  10. Loving this series! You should trade for an antique atlas map from a cartographer or Liberian villager ASAP! It's an advancement. It'll help 😉


  11. Make the grill and the infinite fire block so you don’t have to waste wood cooking things also the kiln works like a furnace so you need to make that

  12. Good choice. I too made my cave next to lava. You might check out the clubs you can make. There's also some nice interactive cabinets and shelves for the walls that are rather fun to have around while you are in this age. You might want to edit the hot key for "carry on" from left shift to the Right Shift. Lets see… Broken things can be repaired by putting them into your crafting inventory with the correct material that had been used to craft it. Notice that the work blade refrences "in world crafting" if you use it, just right, against a block of dirt, you can carve dirt stairs.

  13. i love the videos keep up the good work. I know you probably get this question a lot but are you going to do a man vs minecraft season 7?

  14. There's not much hostile mobs when you first start off this mod pack.
    So you are pretty safe for now even without a door.
    Note: not much , I'm not saying there is none at all (i.e. the Shoggoths from last episode, but that was a specific spawn)

    I won't tell when they start being common tho.

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