Minecraft – Pixelmon: Let's Go! #20: Legendary Day

Minecraft modded. In this series, we are going to check out one of Minecraft’s most unique mods, Pixelmon, which combines gameplay aspects of Pokemon with Minecraft. VintageBeef has started up a Pixelmon server for a bunch of his buddies to train and compete together to become the top Pixelmon trainer.

Tips and tricks are welcome in the comments. I don’t know most of the details surrounding Pixelmon, but I am aware of some of the combat strategy used in Pokemon games.


Pixelmon Let’s Go trainers:
AvidyaZEN –
Breon –
CaptainSparklez –
CiscoStu –
C8sun –
Dahl Dantill –
Draax –
DrJimJim –
Etho –
FalingDutchman –
Flouzemaker –
Fnassau –
Graser –
Guude –
HBomb94 –
HCJustin –
Hefaistros –
ItsRitchieW –
Kiingtong –
KingJackOLantern –
Lapis Lauri –
MarioMania –
Micheal –
MoondustBri –
Nebris –
OMGchad –
Orepros –
PandaFire11 –
Phedran –
PisistratusG –
Runwyld –
Ryuski –
Sten_Stone –
TheEndless –
TheFuzzyMole –
The Jnx –
Tiltedwings –
Unrulybabs –
VintageBeef –
Xylophoney –


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44 thoughts on “Minecraft – Pixelmon: Let's Go! #20: Legendary Day

  1. I don't know how rare they are but I was playing pixelmon for the first time and didn't have access to pokeballs and 2 suicunes had spawned in the time I was playing.

  2. Love you Etho. Best of luck in the upcoming tournament. So happy to see you uploading regularly. Every day you upload makes my day better. XOXO.

  3. Heh… I watch CaptainSparklez try to get going on the same server and then I look at where Etho is, and it's like a complete n00b vs a grizzled endgame veteran.

  4. I just recently got bored w fortnite so props to you for continuing to play a game that I got bored with years and years ago. can’t believe people still watch minecraft tbh but I guess it’s a bunch of little kids like I was

  5. I love how into pixelmon you are, these episodes are so much fun. I don't have any recommendations for your team but your prep and planning was super interesting and all those legendaries were great

  6. I think if you have guts you dont get the 50% reduction from burn because it compensates with the 50% guts gives, it's not like you dont get the atk cut AND get the 50% boost. or at least I think, but it's been a while so i could be mistaken 🙂

  7. I think there is an item that makes the weight of a Pokemon by a lot and think there Is a move called gift that switches the held items so u can use it to make the heavy balls more effective

  8. You used to be my favorite let’s play Minecraft channel. I would either spend my days playing the game following your techniques or I was studying up on your art. I just remember about this channel and I am currently in tears. I love you man never stop the mine craft grind ✊🏻 ethotillwedie

  9. Seems your really enjoying pokemon etho. Would love to see you dive into playing an actual pokemon game. (maybe nuzlocke challange) You could play Sun and moon with the target of beating the battle tree.

  10. every time you fly past that honedge while hatching your ditto eggs i hurt my hand trying to slap you through my computer…

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